Pam Sullivan

“I’ve loved running since I was 10 and I used to watch Bruce Fordyce run and I used to always say, ‘I’m going to run comrades’, and then when I was in standard 7 I was in a very bad car accident and I fractured my spine in 3 places, so the doctor said, ‘you’ll never run again, just get over it’ and then I believed them.

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Stephan Buys

“I think, if you want to be healthy, or call yourself healthy, you need to be fit, you need to also be able to run a 10km without dying, so that’s really the goal, that’s me, that’s my aspiration, just 10km. “ — with Stephan Buys


Justin Milo

“I run now because I enjoy it, I enjoy the challenge, but I started off running to lose weight, to get fit, get healthy. I started in August last year, I started off walking Park Run, then walk , run, walk, run kind of thing.

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Taryn Buys

“I wanted to do a triathlon and I didn’t want to get too much older and I hated running, but I hate people in general, so then I would go to the gym and then have to do a class and then we would have to depend on other people.

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Chuma Diniso

“I run to keep fit, to take care of my body and obviously running gives me time to reflect, to basically shut down from the noise, just focus on myself for a moment, reflect on my goals, reflect on what I want to achieve, and come up with solutions to challenges that I am currently facing and so on.”

Njabulo Nimza Zibane

“I used to go to gym, just go to gym, train, trying to lose weight. I felt I was too big. Then gym started getting boring. Then I decided, let me just add a 5km run in somewhere in my life, and it took very long. Then I met some more crazy runners, I decided, let me do 21km, just like them.

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Mlondi Bhengu

“I used to adore the comrades runners, my mother took me one day because we grew up in Durban, so she took me to the Comrades starting line up and when they sing that Shosholoza, can you see how long hair I have, I go bald headed when they sing that, gone, no hair. That’s where the love developed. Read More …

Graham Block

“Many many many years ago, it started out when I stopped smoking, and I needed to not put on weight, and that’s where it started. So, I was just a social jogger, but I come from a mountianeering background and a rock face climbing background, so I was always active, and running just became the thing. Read More …