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Candis Lubbe

“I started running just because I wanted to do the Two Oceans Marathon and I thought that’s where it would stop and then I carried on – so that’s how it started.

But the main reason I continued to run, is because I just feel that this actual sport just keeps you always moving forward in your life, it doesnt matter where you are in your life or what you are doing theres always something you can do better and that’s how running works, you can always take it to another level, always! There’s always something better, you are never going to get to a level where you are just going to stay there and say, ‘that’s it, that’s the best I can do’ and I just feel like that mirrors everything in your life, that’s why runners, when they can’t run, when they injured or sick, or whatever, get so misrable, because they just feel like they standing still and they feel like they are not getting that momentum and I think thats why. It’s about moving forward always, and always trying to improve yourself in whatever it is, it’s not just about getting better, sometimes it’s just about getting through something, so lets say you are going through a hard time or a rough time, if you can get through that, then it means you are coping, so it’s always about moving forward with something.“ — with Candis Lubbe


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