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Graham Block

“Many many many years ago, it started out when I stopped smoking, and I needed to not put on weight, and that’s where it started. So, I was just a social jogger, but I come from a mountianeering background and a rock face climbing background, so I was always active, and running just became the thing. Even as a kid I remember I always wanted to do comrades one day, but that wasnt the goal at the time, the goal at the time was to not put on weight. So I started running, got invovled, met people on the road, because thats the type of person I am and my personality, I always talk, and then I got invited to my first time trial, my first race, sort of, and then I enjoyed it, and that was it – I was sold. The person I am, I’m just highly competitive, and thats what it is, it was always just about improving my time, bettering my time and bettering my distance and then one thing lead to the other.

I’m a very motivational person, I like to inspire people, I’m not the sort of person that needs people to do anything, in the sense of they don’t make me tick or anything like that, but I do also enjoy seeing people fufil and accomplish what ever it way be, not even neccissarily running, it could be anything, but if they set their mind to something and I could be apart of assisting them to accomplish that, it gives me just as much joy as it gives them to actually fulfil them and that was the one thing, when I could not do it the same way I used to (run),I knew I would be back someday so it started out that I didnt want to lose that pattern, that habit, because its easy to just roll over and sleep, and just accept things as they are, but I didnt want to lose that for the day that I can come back, and all I would need to do is just start the running, I didnt realise it was going to take that long, but still, by then just going there and setting people off and just being around them and keeping that alive, staying awake that time of the morning and keeping that routine, keeping that awake, I then started seeing that my actual presence there just motivated people and when they come back from there run and I would ask them and question them how their run was, I found myself actaully motivating them, and just telling them from experiences that I had in certain runs, especially in those long distance runs that we do when you going through patches and things like that, you know for a fact that all you need to do is talk to yourself and get yourself through it and work it through, and those experinces are what I was inparting to some of these people, and saying do this, do that, get on with this, just keep going it gets better, and so on and thats when I found and discovered that I was actually motivating them and that was the one thing, becuase I could no longer do it I kept myself living through other people and just getting them fulfilling their dreams.”  — withGraham Block

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  1. Renee Fouche

    Good afternoon Graham
    My name is Renee Fouche and my husband is running the sky run. He has done all his research however I really think he needs a coach. Would you be able to asssist and how much do you charge.
    His name is Jacques Fouche.
    I am really looking forward to hear from you.
    Have a great day.

    Kind regards.

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