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Justin Milo

“I run now because I enjoy it, I enjoy the challenge, but I started off running to lose weight, to get fit, get healthy. I started in August last year, I started off walking Park Run, then walk , run, walk, run kind of thing.

Then my sister said she is training for Soweto Marathon, she is going to go do an 8km run, do I want to go do it, so I thought, ‘Ok, cool’, 8km sounds hard, but let me try it, it was actually quite easy, I actually found running 8km was a little bit better than 5km, so it was actually quite an enjoyable run. Then from 8km moved to 10km and 15km, then we started running with Graham, then I did Soweto half marathon in November last year and ever since then the bug has bitten, I’ve done 15 half marathons this year and one full marathon, Cape Town Marathon and then the next big thing is Kaapsehoop and Soweto Marathon, so a back to back marathon”

 — with Justin Milo

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