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Mlondi Bhengu

“I used to adore the comrades runners, my mother took me one day because we grew up in Durban, so she took me to the Comrades starting line up and when they sing that Shosholoza, can you see how long hair I have, I go bald headed when they sing that, gone, no hair. That’s where the love developed. One day, one kid at school, I think I was in grade 9, came back with these entry forms, I think it was 10km, that was when I was like, ‘here is my opportunity to get into this and meet these people’ and from there, after the race I went to my aunties flat on the 10th floor and I stayed for the entire weekend because of that pain. I couldn’t walk down after that, but that pain, once it is gone you will feel like you want it more and more and that vibe along the road and people can not run and you run faster than someone, not because you are better but because it’s just that it is within you, that spirit. From there the love just developed and developed and when I did my matric and then I met my friend Steve, that time I was still in Durban, that’s when we started doing Comrades. I used to do one race a year, because I thought that was the only race, and Comrades, oh and Spar Ladies, so for Comrades, I entered Comrades and they were like, ‘you need to qualify’ so then I came up here for Gauteng Marathon, from 10km to 42km I did 4h10m, it took me about 2 years to beat that time. So that is how the love began. But remember, once you start Comrades the rest is easy, the only thing you need to do is start comrades and thats it.” — with Mlondi Bhengu

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