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Njabulo Nimza Zibane

“I used to go to gym, just go to gym, train, trying to lose weight. I felt I was too big. Then gym started getting boring. Then I decided, let me just add a 5km run in somewhere in my life, and it took very long. Then I met some more crazy runners, I decided, let me do 21km, just like them.

Then I just started to build and I started to enjoy running, now I use running just to build my life, build my strength, keep fit and keep going. Comrades came to mind, then my plan was to run comrades, that was more reason why I don’t have to quit running, until I did Comrades. That was the reason why I changed from just keeping fit to running Comrades, that was when I decided to now be a runner. Then I started running and eventually did Comrades, then I happened to meet Graham who has helped me to improve my running and my times in Comrades. Comrades is now my driving force, I want to do at least 10 Comrades before I can think of any other longer distances. So that is why I run.“ — with Njabulo Nimza Zibane

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