Pam Sullivan

“I’ve loved running since I was 10 and I used to watch Bruce Fordyce run and I used to always say, ‘I’m going to run comrades’, and then when I was in standard 7 I was in a very bad car accident and I fractured my spine in 3 places, so the doctor said, ‘you’ll never run again, just get over it’ and then I believed them.

When I turned 40 I said to my daughters, ‘I’m going to run comrades’, they looked at me like, ‘what? Ok mom” And I started running, I fractured my femur and missed my first Comrades that I wanted to run, but I’ve done two in the mean time. Last year I didn’t think I was actually going to make Comrades, but Graham here, sat me down and gave me a good talking to and I made it. I don’t think anyone believed me that I was actually going to run comrades, but I believed me, I believed I would do it!” — with Pam Sullivan
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