Taking the First Step

Taking people from zero running to hero, making them hero’s in themselves. Taking them from the couch to the finish line.

Whether your goal is to run 5 km or to run Comrades, we have a training programme that is suitable for each and every runners needs. 

Join us on Weekend Club Runs where you can run at your own pace and learn from other runners. Motivation and inspiration is key and all our members aspire to help each other to stay committed in reaching goals – both personal and in running.

No thing better than making a running buddy! 

How to Start?

  1. Arrive at the club to start at 05h30 OR 06h00
  2. Sign the attendance register
  3. Drop your keys in the tin
  4. Follow the brief by Graham Block
  5. Begin your run – following the painted markings on the road, run at your own pace, just keep going.
  6. Finish back at the club, have some water and stretch out.
  7. Enjoy soemthing to eat, have a chat.
  8. Admin is available for any questions on joining or regarding kit.
  9. Come again!

Enjoying a water table along the way!

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