Distances & Routes for all Levels

Weekend Club Runs happen every weekend on both Saturday and Sunday.

The Run Zone crew works together to plan the routes and paint markings on the road to avoid our runners getting lost. We have water stations every 5 km on route for our “thirsty Buffalo’s” offering banana and potato sustenance among other things for the longer distances. 

Club coffee is always hosted after the morning runs to fuel up the weekend. 

Learn more about other facilities offered at the club In The Zone. 

Briefings are conducted by Graham Block before every run to ensure everyone is alerted to any changes and to provide great advice to have an awesome run.

Starting Times @ 05h30 & 06H00

Distances: 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, 20 km, 25 km, 30 km and 35 km to cover all major upcoming events!

Club Run Operations

Routes get painted & marked the day before
Each distance is hand painted
Routes are marked in different colours
Sweetie Truck gets upacked then packed!
Food is prepped the night before!
Club Food refirdgerated
Last minute supplies are added...
Water Zone Volunteers prep & pack
Water Tables get set up at designated points along routes

Please raise your hand if you are looking to volunteer!

Whats Running This Weekend?

2018 Club Run Training Schedule

Run Zone AC operates weekly club runs on both Saturday & Sunday. 

Distances5km, 10km, 15km, 20km, 25 km, 30km & 35km

Summer Starting Times @ 05h30am & 06H00am

NO CHARGE – We only ask for a donation of R 20 to cover the water table costs!


Important Notice: Please follow us on our Facebook Group for important notices around major marathons to receive notifications on NO CLUB RUNS when we are all out supporting & running races. 

Can Anyone Join a Club Run?


Arrive on time 5h30 OR 6h00am - pre run briefing by Graham
Sign Attendance Register
Enjoy a water table moment on route
Grab a coffee afterwards!
Make some friends
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