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Wendy Seller

“We were overweight, very overweight, gigantic, we were unhappy. I think unhappy is a big word. We also never really saw each other, ever. So I started with 200m.

I couldn’t breathe, but we ran, and then we just started building up and she said to me the one night let’s go do a trail run, 5km, and I said ‘Ok, cool’ but then it ended up raining, so we did it, but it took like 1h40m or something and then afterwards she said do you want to do another one and I said, ‘ok, in like a month’ so we started doing every month, just a 5km fun run, typical house wife runs and then it just grew and grew and then out of the blue, I dont know if it was by accident or on purpose she entered the 10km, and it just got worse and worse, we went from one a month to one a week, to 2 a week and then 3 of us entered our first half marathon in November last year and then after that we entered more and more half marathons and we did a 32km in April/March so we went to Cape Town with the Two Oceans, it’s just grown and got bigger and bigger and bigger and we decided to do our first marathon, we entered Cape Town Marathon, and we did our first marathon in September and now Comrades is next, yay!” — with Wendy Milo Seller.

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