About Us

Welcome Run Zone - "The Peoples Running Club"

A running club with a difference! Run Zone was a dream born in the heart of a very passionate man. After many years of being involved in the sport, Block dreamed of having a running club that would positively impact people’s lives.

Block came to the end of the road at his then long-standing home base club, where he and his wife Tersia hold an honorary membership. At that point, he knew it was time to pursue and give life to his dream of running his own club.

Block with his wife shared their dream and vision with a team of passionate runners, giving birth to Run Zone Athletics Club, “The Peoples Running Club”. Run Zone is a running club that impacts the lives of many people from many walks of life. Whether you are straight off the couch, a social or elite athlete, walker or runner, no matter your age, we cater to all.

At Run Zone, we believe that everyone is equal. We are grateful to be part of every member’s journey of improving their lives through fitness.

"Our club is a collective of amazing people striving to become the best version of THEMselves"



To meet our members’ athletic needs and to ensure you feel part of the Run Zone family.

Weekend Club Runs

Weekend Club Runs are hosted every Tuesday and Thursday evening and every Saturday and Sunday morning. Marked routes, water tables every 5km’s, and staggered starting times to accommodate the volumes.

Weekly Time Trial

Weekly Time Trials on a Wednesday evening are here to make sure you stay on track and monitor your pace. 

Weekly Training

Weekly training programmes are posted on our Run Zone AC Facebook Group (usually Mondays) for all major races and marathons, designed to gear you up to achieve your running goals.


Gazebos at all major races, hosted by our fellow runners offering various facilities such as a tog bag trailer, basic catering, family support, and more dependent on the demands of the race! We strive to be there for our people.



Workshops are offered throughout the year for major marathons to aid development and
growth to enrich our runners. Run Zone prides our affiliation to Official Comrades Marathon supported events