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welcome to the zone

Run Zone’s members new head quarters can be found at the Northcliff Country Club, situated in the  shady surrounds of JHB at the bottom of the rolling Northcliff hills!

A runners paradise with sunrise experiences and diverse terrain suitable to meet every runners needs.

"Our club is a collective of amazing people striving to become the best version of ourselves"

Where we started 

From the Car Park

Run Zone AC's first members proudly under the Run Zone Gazebo @ Brightwater Commons
Run Zone AC's first club run routes "home" ended in the bright water commons car park!

A group of people passionate about running came together and then Run Zone was born. What began in the car park @ Brightwater Commons, grew into a small family. Graham Block, Candis Lubbe with the support and assistance of Tersia Block, Run Zone AC was founded.

Run Zone AC acquired our official Central Gauteng Athletics Licence on 03 October 2017 - the moment it became real!
Original Run Zone AC's first hand drawn logo - the real deal hand drawn original logo!


To provide every single member the sense, a feeling and the value of being a part of the Run Zone family and “The Peoples Running Club”.

Our Vision for beginners | Taking people from zero running to hero, making them hero’s in themselves. Taking them from the couch to the finish line. No matter the distance!

Our Vision for existing runners | Taking runners from where they are, assisting and bringing out the best in them to achieve greater goals, pushing themselves to the next level. No matter the goal!


Berario Rec

Run Zone AC proudly saw the official launch of a growing club with our first weekend club run hosted at the Berario Recreation Center located in the surrounds of Fairland and the beautiful Jacaranda’s late in October 2017. 

What was a consistent routine of route marking, registration sign ups, creating Run Zones official kit and creating all the branding, the water zone team and sweetie truck supporting us along our amazing weekend club run routes, our family began to grow! Many highlights, such as our very first club race, workshops and training sessions  were experienced on these grounds and in the surrounds!


To develop a running club that is accessible and affordable to all runners while having loads of fun and assisting our runners to achieve both their goals and life’s dreams.

Our mission is to be one of the leading clubs! To be a club that is different and  to see potential in every single member and skillfully develop that potential. To motivate continuously, aspiring our family members to do great and even greater things.

Ultimately serving our members.


Northcliff Country Club

Run Zone AC celebrating our 1st birthday at Northcliff Country Club!

Before long, only 3 seasons changed, and Run Zone had outgrown our home at the Berario Recreation Center. We then and we moved to our new home at the Northcliff country club with increased capacity to cater for the needs of our ever growing club. 2018 has seen 650+ official club members to date with some incredible achievements over the last year! 


Meeting the needs of our members and treat every single athlete as a family member of Run Zone. 

Our goal is to develop a strong governing executive body to steer the future of Run Zone family and to succeed in the vision of Run Zone.

  • Weekly training programmes posted on our Run Zone AC Facebook Group (usually Mondays) for all major races and marathons designed to gear you up to achieve your running goals.
  • Weekend Club Runs are hosted every week with new marked routes, water tables every 5km’s and two starting times to accommodate the volumes, no matter your fitness level. This is just the beginning, we welcome everyone to stay for a bit and stretch, or have a coffee, and just be in the chill zone after your weekend training.
  • Weekly Time Trials to make sure you stay on track with your pace. Our time trials are also a great mid week break to measure your pace and check in and chill with your running buddies at home away from home. 
  • Gazebos at all major races, hosted by our fellow runners offering various facilities such as tog bag, trailer, basic catering, family support or the whole real deal depending on demands of the race! We strive to be there for our people. 
  • Workshops are offered throughout the year for major marathons to aid development and growth to enrich our runners.
  • Run Zone prides our affiliation to Official Comrades Marathon supported events

Some highlights

Our Journey

Since the inception of Run Zone AC, the journey has been real. An amazing connection and bond has been created on the road, at races and behind the scenes. So much has happened so incredibly fast, to each and every runner and supporter who has been apart of the journey and once again, to an incredible journey ahead to achieve even greater things ahead. The People of Run Zone make the club.




2020 Registrations are open!

The Peoples Running Club