devin vincent

Hey everyone, my name is Devin Michael Vincent. I’m a 28 year old Forensic Analyst from the City of Gold.

I’ve been a runner for close to 20 years now and I love everything that running has to offer, from the pain of a grueling hill session to the endorphin rush at the beginning of a track race.

I love to constantly learn about other runners training regimes as well as offering up my own two cents worth. For people that know me, they will confirm how running is potentially my favourite thing to talk about.

Run Zone have taken me in and made me one of their own. They have given me the platform to do what I love and for me it’s about using running to help people grow.

My aim is to simply help runners reach their goals, be it just to finish their first 10km or get their marathon PB.

P.S. Just keep running!

Mobile: 082 496 7301

Lynette Cronk

lynette cronk

Lynette Cronk is the founder and Head Multisport Coach at Ultimate Sports Coaching. She is an ex professional triathlete since turning to the role of a wife and a mom in 2017. Being a wife and mom has given her understanding of the importance of balance in training, coaching and family while pursuing personal sporting goals. Lynette has a thorough knowledge of Coaching Science having studied it and also coaching for over 10 years. She is a firm believer in expanding her knowledge so she continues to pursue exercise, sport, nutrition and related studies. She was a provincial and junior South African netball player before pursing triathlon. Her aspiration is to be an ambassador for sport in South Africa not only as an athlete but as a coach. Her interests as an athlete are half and full Ironman distances and endurance running events – particularly - Comrades.

Lynette has coached many athletes of all levels and calibre and she believes her success comes from true commitment to each athlete.

“Every athlete is unique; we are not the same and can therefore not be coached the same. I look at an athlete as an entity thereby not only working on a personalized training programme but I also give attention to their nutrition (daily, training and racing), strength and core training (imbalances), how they recover, how prone to injuries they are, how much time they have available (work, family and sleep) and mentally (coping skills, stressors, race pressure)” – only then do you have a clear picture of who you are working with! Anyone can “coach” generically, but it takes a Real coach to ensure the longevity of an athlete – that’s my job, and I take it very seriously!

“My role as a Coach at Run Zone is to guide all levels of runners or cyclists or triathletes. Whether you looking to do your first 5km run or 20km cycle or wanting to step up from 21km to marathon or wanting to do your first 100km on the bike – my team and I can help you. Our qualified coaches are there to guide you and ensure you have fun while staying on track and achieving your goals! We will be there at track sessions on the run guiding you through a programme, and we will be organizing group rides for Run Zone’s newest club ‘Cycle Zone’ in the Cradle every weekend. We will also be hosting yearly workshops at a discounted rate to members – be sure to not miss these! Should you want to step things up then you also have the option of signing up for one of our USC coaching packages at a discounted rate if you are a member of Run/Cycle Zone. Either way, we trust you are in good hands, and we are looking forward to working with you!”

My philosophy is “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” – Lynette Cronk

Social Media: @Lillytri – Instagram/Twitter

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Estelle le Roux

I was at my heaviest (95kg) when I started my fitness journey in 2017. I was a drug addict, a heavy drinker and smoker.

I joined an all-woman boot camp and made plenty of lifestyle changes - more sleep, no fizzy drinks, less alcohol, smaller portions and cut out added sugar. I quickly lost 10kg and decided to try running. During my running journey, I quit drugs and smoking.

I went from running every weekend and entering a few races, to winning a 12-week running coaching plan 8 weeks before I was set to do my first half marathon in November 2019 - and I’ve since completed a bunch of half marathons and I am currently training for my first marathon in October.

My love for running-inspired me to become a Certified Running Coach and I want to inspire others to get out of their comfort zones, be consistent and create healthy habits. I want to help empower people, and others around them to do the same!


Sandile Dikana 2

sandile dikana

I am a Fitness Coach. With my qualification and experience as an athlete, I enjoy most help my clients to achieve their goals and working out training programs.

Learning and creating workouts, I have passion for different sporting codes, such as running, rugby, 7's rugby, soccer, and long jump.

I'm an sub-elite runner.

Personal Best Times (PR)
•800m - 1:55sec {Central Gauteng championships} 2018
•5km - 17:22min {Delta Parkrun} 2018
•10km - 35:14min {Pirates} 2018
•21.1km - 1 hrs16 { Vaal gate half marathon} 2019
•Marathon - 2 hrs56 { Soweto Marathon} 2019

Mobile: 0718302538

tania van der meulen

As runners, we all know how important strength training is but somehow we neglect it the most.

Strength training doesn't only make you a stronger runner but it also helps with keeping you injury-free.

A quick 30minute Full Body HIIT workout is all you need.

I offer online classes daily, Monday to Friday.

Many of my clients are runners and enjoy training with me on their non-running days.

Mobile: 083 564 5440
Social Media: @taniafiit - Instagram/Facebook

Tumelo Mosia

tumelo mosia

Tumelo Mosia was born in 1979, 25 of August, from Vaal. I've got provisional colours from track and field and country. Did 10 comrades marathon with 8 bill rowen and 2 sliver medals.

Studied sport science and coaching and sport administration in UJ .

Currently working as Personal Trainer, Coach and Sport massage.

Mobile: 072 856 8567

Yusuf Banoo

yusuf banoo

Virgin Active Personal Trainer 2004-Present
Diploma is Exercise Science

Comrades and Two Oceans Finisher
Cyclist with Over 10 947’s
Helped 100’s of people with their personal goals
Including a few Run Zoners, running their first 21km, first marathon, Two Oceans and Comrades

Sports Specific Training
Weight management
Pre and Post Natal

Contact Details:
Mobile: 073 609 6874
Social Media: - Instagram