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My journey dates back to almost 30 years. Coming from a mountaineering and climbing background, I started out running to keep fit. A short run became a time trial, a time trial became a 10km race, 10kms became 15kms. From 15kms I jumped straight into my first 50km race. 50kms then moved to my first Comrades marathon. Comrades became SkyRun 100. I am an extremist by nature!

In addition to my running journey, I have been involved with motivating training groups, individual athletes, and social runners for as long as I can remember. I have always, naturally motivated people on the road, training runs, on races, and high up in the mountains. I have been involved with and lead Club runs for 20 plus years.

My vision is that Run Zone will be known as a club with a never-ending vision, being different, by doing things differently.



I started running after my life-changing hip replacement, an injury caused by soccer. I was advised to abandon contact sport by my Surgeon. I had to choose an individual dual-sport such as cycling, running, or swimming. I started running in 2015 in line with my healing process but not long after I was addicted.

I have completed 3 Comrades Marathons plus 1 Virtual Comrades Marathon, 2 Two Oceans Marathons, 4 Kosmos 3in1, and multiple other Marathons.

I am a trained accountant with 14 years of experience in financial functions. I will bring all my financial experience to the position of Treasurer General.

I Thank you.


Committee Secretary & Club Manager

Deborah O’Mahony

Secretary General & Disciplinary Officer

Barry Potgieter

Business Adviser

Ashraf Suleman