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welcome to the REGISTRATION zone

Run Zone’s official club kit is exclusive to all official members. For casual runners who are not official members, we have active gear and accessories suitable for training available for purchase!

New active wear and accessories will be coming soon in 2019 inclusing exclusive wear for Two Oceans and Comrades 2019!

"Welcome to the Zone."

A signed copy of your 2019 ASA Form is COMPULSORY for your application to be valid. Name your file with FULL NAME. File types allowed pdf, doc, dox, jpg, png. Size of file is restricted to 1MB
Please ensure you complete this if you would like to apply for the same number!
This will be completed by Run Zone on number allocation!
Please ensure you have a clearance letter for your registration to be successful.
Please use the email address that you can receive club correspondence at.
Select relevant option for your membership
You may email proof of payment to
Please ensure your legal parent / guardian has confirmed consent and has signed ASA Form if younger than 18 years.
I declare that I am a bona fide athlete/coach/technical official. I confirm that all the information provided on this application is true and correct. I subject myself to the rules and regulations of Athletics South Africa and the IAAF, and I undertake not to compete in any track event, road race, cross country event, race walking event or fun run which is not sanctioned by the provincial athletics body and ASA. I indemnify ASA, the provincial body, sponsors and organisers of any race against all and any action of whatever nature which may arise out of my participation and I agree that it is my responsibility to be medically fit to compete in any event.