RunZone Athletics Club

Vision, Mission & Core Values


Our vision is rooted in delivering value to each member, making them an integral part of our family – “The People’s Running Club.” We take immense pride in transforming individuals from zero running experience to becoming heroes within themselves, guiding them from the couch to the triumphant finish line, regardless of the distance.


Our mission is to make running affordable and accessible to anyone who is willing to change their lives through the sport of running or walking. Developing the fundamental principles of discipline, perseverance and resilience while remaining focussed on the journey and goal. We are dedicated to assisting every individual in bringing out the best in themselves, helping them achieve greater goals, and inspiring them to push beyond their current levels. At Run Zone, the journey from novice to hero is not just a transition; it’s a shared endeavour where each step is celebrated, and every milestone is an achievement worth acknowledging.


Our guiding principles are rooted in the pursuit of peace and harmony, prioritising these values above the need to be right in every situation. We promote an environment where respect is paramount, irrespective of colour, creed, gender, or affiliation, extending our regard to fellow runners and running clubs.

In our digital interactions, particularly on social media platforms, we commit to using our presence for positive purposes. All content, notifications, and advertisements will be channels for encouragement, inspiration, and uplifting messages. We firmly discourage the use of slander, airing dirty laundry, or expressing opinions that do not contribute value.

Furthermore, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in upholding and valuing the good name and reputation of Run Zone Athletics Club, our sponsors, and partners. In all situations, we encourage our members to “always look at the bigger picture,” ensuring that our actions contribute positively to the collective success and harmony of our running community.