Vision & Mission


To provide every member with the value of being part of the Run Zone family. “The Peoples Running Club”

Taking people from zero running to making them heroes within themselves, from the couch to the finish line, no matter the distance.

Assist runners in bringing out the best in themselves and achieving greater goals by pushing themselves to the next level.


Identifying each person’s potential and skillfully developing and growing that potential by inspiring every member to be great and achieve incredible things.

We aim to ultimately serve our members, making running affordable and accessible to anyone and everyone passionate about changing their lives.


To pursue peace and harmony above being right in every situation. To respect our fellow runner no matter colour, creed, gender or affiliation and respect our fellow running clubs at all times.

All social media interactions will be used for encouragement, inspiration and uplifting to readers. Notifications, and advertisements must refrain from slander, dirty laundry posting or voicing any opinions that don’t add value.

To uphold and value the good name and reputation of Run Zone Athletics Club, our sponsors and partners. “Always look at the bigger picture.”