General Manager (GM)

The role of the General Manager is
  • to be responsible and accountable to the members for the complete management, functioning and operation of Run Zone AC (Westrand) by leading, guiding, supporting, motivating, and steering the main and operations committees in unity for the execution of fulfilling the vision and mission of Run Zone AC. But at the same time not become the Clubs Door Mat

Assistant General Manager (AGM)

The role of the Assistant Manager is mainly two fold.
  • To assist the General Manager. By assisting with the general management of functions for Run Zone AC.
  • To temporary fulfil the function of the General Manager in his/her absence.


The role of the FM is to
  • ensure that the capturing of the club finances both income and expenditure is done correctly in order to reflect the status of the clubs finances on a monthly report.
  • To capture and report on financial status of events and project expenses for the monitoring of the budgets set out beforehand.
  • It is also the role of the FM together with the Financial Team and the Accountant to provide financial report at the end of each financial year.

Members Liaison Person (MLP)

The role of the Liaisons Person is to
  • ensure that each member functions and operates and complies in accordance with the rules The Peoples Running Club! and conduct as set out in the latest updated Run Zone AC club constitution.
  • It is also the responsibility of the Liaisons Person to ensure that all and every decision made regarding club matters, situations and circumstances are done and executed in accordance with as well as complies with the current and most recent updated Run Zone AC club constitution.

Updated: 20220112